Join us for our adventures in Bali with Wolt foldable Sunglasses.

In December, we took the Babylon series to Bali, Indonesia. We wanted to create a vibe that showcased lifestyle, action with elegance under the picturesque Bali sunset tones. A vibe not usually associated with our Babylon series. After some research, we settled for the up and coming Pig Stone Beach Bali. This beautiful long-stretch of blacksand is slowly becoming a popular spot to visit and explore on ATV's, Motorbikes and Jeeps! Only a short drive away from the more crowded beaches in Canggu - where there's no off roading...
Our black and white sunglasses in the babylon series.
From Canggu, Pig Stone Beach Bali is approximately a 20-minute drive, depending on the traffic. Pantai Pig Stone is an isolated black sand beach that is very raw and untouched. There is an uncrowded left-hand surf break in front of the palm tree hill at Pig Stone Beach Bali.

For the best shooting conditions we highly recommend sunset, as the sun dips behind the ocean leaving beautiful orange and pinky hues - creating a stunning, cinematic backdrop. 

Jeep ride with Wolt - folding sunglasses.

There is no cost to visit Pig Stone Beach Bali which is ideal. Once you arrive, you'll notice the locals are really chill and you won’t get into any trouble burning around Pantai Pig Stone on your chosen mode of transport. 

For this trip, we wanted to test our Wolt Babylon range in an unusual environment - testing their durability, comfort and of course performance to capture those incredible photos. Our white aluminum framed Lotus glasses, really shone through.

Our Babylon series red sunglasses for women looks really good on the beach in Bali.

If you wanted to follow in our footsteps please always remember to take your rubbish with you and leave the place cleaner than you found it. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems in Bali and Indonesia as a whole, so the last thing we need is for people to be adding to this issue by leaving rubbish behind.

Happy Adventuring, 

Wolt x