Foldable sunglasses

A new folding era in luxury eyewear

Fashion made easy with these foldable sunglasses

Introducing the last pair of folding sunglasses you willl ever wear

Welcome to a new brand in fashion design. At the moment we are developing a new pair of folding sunglasses that we will launch on Kickstarter early this year. Keep your eyes open for a new brand of eyewear that change your view of foldable sunglasses. We will give you the classic models of glasses, such as wayfarers, aviators and round shades.

We will use the Kickstarter platform because of the great community and awesome backers that helped us launch other sunglasses brands and give them a great start. We hope that with these new designs this brand will grow even bigger than the previous ones. We are fully confident that with your help we will turn on a light in the fashion industry.

We can´t wait to get this project started and hope that all of our fans and followers will join us on this new sunglasses adventure.

If you are ready for a brand new experience in style, this year we are bringing you a fresh pair of awesome folding sunglasses.

Keep your eyes open on Kickstarter

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