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Fashion made easy with these folding sunglasses

It’s time to shake things up! Open your eyes. The future of sunglasses is at your fingertips with WOLT foldable sunglasses. Welcome to our wavelength - we don’t throw shade - only good vibes here.

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Our Eclipse Series

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To Eclipse

Wolt sunglasses is a brand new foldable pair of shades.

Wolt Sunglasses

Interchangeable lenses have always been an issue with notoriously weak screws or awkward lens mechanisms. So we created a whole new lens-click system that erase these problems. All of our Eclipse series sunglasses comes with a small GPS bluetooth tracker. It rests safely inside a pocket of the sunglass case that comes along and runs on a battery that last about 2 years before it needs changing. We have made our product foldable two ways to fit any size pockets. Shirt pocket, trouser, purse or wallet… With our collapsable design, our glasses fold to only 5cm x 2cm.

Eclipse - Foldable Sunglasses

Say hello to the eclipse series. Our ultra modern, trendsetting sunglasses fold down to only 2 cm. And with our breakthrough lens-changing mechanism you'll be able to change lenses effortlessly on the go.