Ever sat on, Lost or misused your glasses?

Foldable, trackable and interchangeable - all in one convenient, stylish and durable glasses by WOLT. 

Wolt presents our foldable sunglasses with changeable lenses.
Our team trailed and tested WOLT whilst travelling around the globe in 2018 - we knew the challenged faced to eyewear users on whilst travelling. 
Wolt out traveling to find new ideas in sunglasses.

How many times does this happen – you take off your sunglasses and have no pockets big enough to fit your large and expensive sunglasses in? You carelessly leave your sunglasses in the taxi or a cafe... and panic about where they are? You forget your reading glasses and can't focus on your book/computer whilst flying?

In this progressive and every-changing generation where phones, watches and computer evolve to meet our demands and solve our problems. We created the glasses we have always wanted ourselves, that matches today's high expectations for a product that lasts.
We are always looing for new adventures for our sunglasses.
It's always been a market dominated by brands like Rayban - who annually release latest models of eyewear in new shapes, designs and sometimes lens colours... Non of these new models ever solve any everyday problems encountered by eyewear users?
It is now important to have your glasses available for any occasion, which can slot into any coat, trouser or shirt pocket. Our ultra modern, trendsetting sunglasses fold down to only 2cm - comfortably slotting into all your pockets - taking away ugly, unnecessary bulk from your forehead, bag or pockets!
We welcome you to a more flexible world - out with the old, in with the new. 
Saving you time, one pair of glasses at a time.