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What does polarization mean?

What does polarized sunglasses mean?

Sunglasses with polarized lenses eliminate glare, which is defined as light that reflects at one angle, this happens when it hits smooth surfaces such as flat water or a hood of a car for an example. Usally light does not reflect at one angle, instead it scatters since it bouces at different angles of an uneven object which we are not bothered by. Polarized lenses make it easier to see when it is sunny outside and they also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. The technology that is used for polarized lenses was invented in 1936, however it was just a few years ago since the technology had its break through.

How to tell if sunglasses are polarized

Horizontally oriented light

Polarized sunglasses are coated with a filter consisting of molecules that block horizontal light. These molecules are vertically placed which means that all light that reaches the lenses in a horizontal angle is blocked. Furthermore, polarized sunglasses are able to improve the color contrast we see when exposed to the sun.

The coating which polarized sunglasses have could be explained as a laminated filter that only lets vertically oriented light through. The fact that the lenses blocks horizontally oriented light means that exposure to glare is almost impossible. With polarized lenses you will most certainly not experience reflections.

But what does horizontally oriented light mean? Well, it is light that bounces off of a horizontal surface. Our environment absorb or reflect light in different directions, and every horizontal surface can reflect light which can hinder your vision. An example is the way snow reflects light in the sun for, or how it is hard to see the road while driving when it is wet and the sun sits low. Polarized lenses are created to eliminate problems such as these.

Polorized lenses are for everyone

The purpose of polarized sunglasses is to block glare from lightbeams reflecting off of a flat surface, they are especially popular amongst people who spend a lot of their time around water. However, polarized sunglasses are not only made for people who enjoy fishing, going on boat trips and hanging out on the beach, they are also a great option for anyone who is bothered by glare outdoors. Polarized sunglasses can also be useful while driving as they diminish direct reflective glare that can occur when lightbeams reflect off of hoods of vehicles or the asphalt. Polarized sunglasses are available in a large variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes. Generally, darker colors give a higher level of polarization.

Advantages of polorized lenses

Polarized sunglasses do not only protect your eyes from glare, but they additionally protect your eyes from UV light waves, making them a great choice in most situations. Glare can occur when sunlight hits reflective surfaces such as flat water, snow, ice and the hoods of cars. Polarized lenses diminish this harsh glare in order for you to be able to see objects even in bright light, and they also reduce the reflective light that is able to reach the retina in your eye. Furthermore, polarized lenses are able to heighten image sharpness and clarity, and also minimize eye strain that can occur due to spending a longer period of time out in the bright sunlight.

Polarized sunglasses contribute to making it easier to see the true color of objects and make it easier to distinguish them as well. This can be important for certain sports and driving since you are able to see more clearly which makes it easier to avoid potential hazards. Studies have shown that wearing polarized sunglasses while driving is signifacantly safer than wearing non polarized sunglasses. With a polarized lens you have a better ability to spot cars changnig lanes and thereby also avoiding accidents.

So what are the benefits of polarized sunglasses?

  • They eliminate agitating light and glare
  • They give you sharper vision ad better contrasts in intense light
  • They make it possible to perceive color in bright light
  • They minimize the eye strain caused by glare and intense light
  • They improve your comfort while out in the sun
  • They prevent potentially harmful lightbeams while driving for an example
  • They are an impeccable choice for outdoor activities and sport
  • They work well in shadow as well

Polarized vs non polarized sunglasses

There are multiple reasons as to why you should exchange your regular sunglasses to ones with polarized lenses, for one they reduce eye strain and the discomfort that can occur in direct sunlight. The difference between polarized and non polarized sunglasses is that non polarized lenses handle all sunlight the same way, they minimize the intensity, which protects your eyes. However, the difference between polarized vs non polarized lenses is that the latter does not hinder shimmer and sparkle that can occur around water, snow, glass and highways. While a polarized lens, on the other hand, does this as well as filter out ambient light and eliminate bright reflected light.

How to tell if sunglasses are polarized

Both polarized and non polarized sunglasses look the same, therefore it is a good idea to test the sunglasses to be sure if the sunglasses have polarized lenses or non polarized lenses. There are multiple ways to do so, but we recommend one of the following ways to do it; You can test your sunglasses by doing something called the computer screen test. Most computers screens have the same anti glare protection as polarized sunglasses do. In order to test if your sunglasses are polarized you can rotate them 60 degrees in front of a computer screen. By doing this you are able to see if the lenses get darker as you rotate them, which then means that they in fact are polarized. Another way to test your sunglasses is by looking through the lenses at a reflective surface while turning the lenses 90 degrees. If the sunglasses really are polarized the bright reflection will appear.

Our polorized eyewear

At Wolt you have the option to chose from our different styles of frames and lenses in order to customize your own pair of shades. When customizing your eyewear you can chose a pair of frames that suit your face and your personal style well, as well as a lens in your choice of color. Our glasses will reduce glare, eyestrain and protect your eyesight from the effects of UV radition no matter what activity you are doing. Just keep in min that polarized lenses are not the same as anti blue light and if you feel like you need more protection for your eyes there are glasses for this as well.

Our polarized sunglasses provide you with UV protection while also making it easier to enjoy a beautiful view around water or snow. If you want to improve your vision, clarity, contrast, UV protection and over all experience with sunglasses you need to give polarized sunglasses a try. There are many brands that offer this type of eyewear, but we differantiate us by making it possible for you to create your own shades while not compromizing the protection of UV radiation.

Polarized vs non polarized sunglasses

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