Folded sunglasses take less damage

Expensive designer sunglasses are are many times considered to be indestructible. People pay huge amounts of money for in beliefs that just because they cost a lot, they automatically are of better quality and made of better materials. Of course, big designer brands have teams that carefully investigates the market and the demands of the masses, they carefully design their products to look as luxurious and expensive as possible. They have the man power and the money behind them. Also, they value profit. Otherwise they wouldn't be where they are today. Bu making smart marketing we tend to believe that just because products cost more, they are also naturally better.

Folded sunglasses takes less damage

Sunglasses, as well as other products of course, tend to break after have been used for a long time. The way we handle our things naturally leads to damages and no matter how careful we are with our expensive designer products, accidents happen. Traditional sunglasses are designed to look good but only by wearing them you slowly wear them down. Nothing can be done to prevent this of course, but what you can do is reflect on how well they are protected when you're not wearing them. How you treat them when you take your glasses off and how you store them afterwards.

Folded sunglasses can easily be stored in a small pocket or the small purse that you carry with you. As you fold sunglasses into a smaller size you automatically prevent them more from getting damaged, as the folding process makes the eyewear less exposed to other surfaces or objects that the may come in contact with. This way the frames and lenses are protected the best way that they can be and you can keep enjoying your product for a longer period of time.

Wolt - Stylish aviators, wayfarers and round folded sunglasses that endures more

The frames that we use for our folding shades is a delicate medical aluminium that keeps them light and thin. There's a reason the material is used for medical instruments and other precision tools - iit makes them delicate and easy to use. It also makes them extremely durably for its low weight and can take almost any types of damage that you put it through. Using it for folding frames makes our sunglasses fold down to only 2 cm, making them an accessory that easily can stored in small spaces and take less damage when dropping them. The less they weigh, the less damage when being dropped for instance.

Small five barrel hinges makes the folding process so much smoother and the risk of breaking them is decreased considerably. Simply put, we have used the best materials to make a pair of folding sunglasses that will endure the most types of situations and is great option for anyone looking for a product that will serve them for a long time.

Folded sunglasses with replacement lenses

A game changer in fashion

As a brand we wanted to explore new ways to give people as many options as possible when buying their new folding sunglasses, we made our folding frames not only in different colors, we also equipped them with a mechanism that makes it possible for them to change the lenses themselves. The replacement lenses we created comes in a large variety of colors and lets people choose and add lenses for their frame. The classic sunglass models remain the same, but the functions are updated to keep up with the demands on the market. Aviators, wayfarers and round sunglasses have been around for decades and we are not trying to change the style, only making them better.

No more scratched lenses

The polarized lenses have seven layers composite materials with UV400 ultraviolet ray standard that gives you perfect uv protection. They block all wavelengths from 400 nm, which covers all of the UV spectrum. The first and last layer has a highly durable scratch resistant layer to avoid any damage that they are exposed to. No matter if plan to use them for the beach, when going hiking or just to enjoy the sun while sipping on a drink on the patio, you won't have to worry about sand or dust damaging your folding sunglasses. They are made to withstand an active lifestyle and to be thrown into bags when not being used.