Folding sunglasses - a new world of fashion. 

While traditional designer sunglasses are both expensive and easy to break, foldable sunglasses are a perfect solution that can be stored without having to worry about scratching the lenses or accidentally snap the frames in half. The problem that comes with storing them safely when not wearing them is also a thing of the past. Folded glasses is easily stored in a small case that fits in your pocket or purse. Even though foldable glasses have been around for a long time, it's not until recently they have become a product that can compete with traditional styles and models. These days you don't have to worry about not following trends or wearing sunglasses that are designed to look like small reading glasses. The design of the folding eyewear today lets us be creative in a new way, with functionalities such as changing lenses and colors as well as being equipped with tracking gps devices that makes it nearly impossible to loose your new precious folding shades. Simply fold them, slide them down into the small leather case and put the case in you pocket. You won't have to worry about scratching or loosing folded glasses again. Not to mention a price tag that can't be matched by any of the bigger brands on the market.

Welcome to a new world of fashion. Welcome to Wolt.

Folded sunglasses from Wolt - a game changer in fashion.

Folded aviators, wayfarers & round sunglasses

No matter what style you prefer, there is a pair of folding sunglasses just for you. Protection comes in many forms and wether you're into classic, traditional or more modern models there is a style that will fit your need. While the details between the models stay the same, the shape and style of the frame differs between their folding design.

Our brand offers the 3 most common styles of frames, the time-less aviator, the classic wayfarer and the modern round frame, all made to fold down to just 2 cm and to fit both men and women. Our products comes in standard size and with hyper extendable arms so that they will fit the face and head of most people. They all fit the same small leather case that comes with the eyewear, along with a pouch that are made to protect the lenses from being scratched and from dust. All pairs of the folding sunglasses in our shop are equipped with high quality, polarized lenses that protects your eyes from harmful uv rays and glare that distort your vision.

When you order folding sunglasses from our website you are given great customer care and free shipping, wherever you live, so that you can sit back and wait for your eyewear to arrive.

Compact, low weight & versatile - a game changer in folding sunglasses

While traditional sunglasses are easy to break, folding frames can easily be stored in your pocket or your every day bag or purse without having to worry about of breaking them or scratching your polarized lenses.

The frame material is medical aluminium which not only gives them incredibly low weight, but also makes them very strong and hard to damage. The material also suits folding sunglasses because it makes them even thinner when they are folded.

Our folding sunglasses are equipped with small five barrel hinges hinges that works perfectly when folding them before storing them in the leather case that comes with them. Put the case in your pocket or throw them into your bag or suitcase without worrying about breaking them.

Folding sunglasses with innovative lens changing technology

The options of how you will use the functions of your Wolt folding shades are endless. After choosing the frame that will suit you the most, as well as the color you want for that frame, it's time to choose the color of your lenses. The mix and match aspect of our folding sunglasses is a fun and creative way to combine colors and styles to get the look you want.

Foldable sunglasses with changeable lenses.

The Wolt brand was born with the idea of giving customers the choice of how they want their sunglasses to look. We wanted to find ways to give people as many options as possible in creating their own way of using our folding sunglasses. Besides the frames, which comes in gold, rose gold, black and gun metal, we wanted them to be able to safely change their lenses theirselves.

The lens we created comes in a large variety of colors and lets people choose and add new lenses until they have collected them all. That also gives us as a brand the possibility to add new colors to the collection and keep up the engagement to our customers.

No more scratching your lenses

The polarized lenses have seven layers composite materials with UV400 ultraviolet ray standard that gives you perfect uv protection. They block all wavelengths from 400 nm, which covers all of the UV spectrum. The first and last layer has a highly durable scratch resistant layer to avoid any damage that they are exposed to. No matter if plan to use them for the beach, when going hiking or just to enjoy the sunset while sipping on a drink on the patio, you won't have to worry about sand or dust damaging your folding sunglasses. They are made to withstand an active lifestyle and to be thrown into bags when not being used.

The benefits of extra lenses

After you order your new folding style sunglasses from the shop in our website you should definitely consider to get yourself a pair of extra lenses so that you can fully enjoy the full potential of your new folding sunglasses. A polarized mirror lens in another color will do wonders in changing up your folding sunglasses game.

Foldable sunglasses with polarized lenses from Wolt.

As all of our lenses are made to give you benefits such as clearer vision in bright light, increased contrast, less color distortion and reduced glare and reflection, we highly recommend that you equip your new sunglasses with extra sets of polarized lenses. You never know where you'll end up, and being able to change your look wherever and whenever you want can be a big asset that we think should be used in its full potential.