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    Scout - Foldable aviator sunglasses


    Our folded aviator sunglasses Scout is our version of aviator sunglasses but with a twist. The sunglasses are foldable and fold down to only 2 cm. Our aviator sunglasses include...

    Looper - Foldable round sunglasses


       Our folding round sunglasses Looper are our round sunglasses. The classic shape was a must to include in our Eclipse series, but we reshaped it to fit our aesthetic....

    Rover - Foldable wayfarer sunglasses


      Our folding wayfarer sunglasses Rover is our interpretation of the iconic Wayfarers which we had to include in our Eclipse series. These frames are a classic and versatile since...



    Our Babylon Series is based on the classic wayfarer shape but a larger frame and a splash of colour. With a face made of high quality plastic and hinges of aluminium they make a...



    Our Babylon Series is based on the classic wayfarer shape but a larger frame and a splash of colour. With a face made of high quality plastic and hinges of aluminium they make a...



    Our Babylon Series is based on the classic wayfarer shape but a larger frame and a splash of colour. With a face made of high quality plastic and hinges of aluminium they make a...



    Our Babylon Series is based on the classic wayfarer shape but a larger frame and a splash of colour. With a face made of high quality plastic and hinges of aluminium they make a...



    Our Babylon Series is based on the classic wayfarer shape but a larger frame and a splash of colour. With a face made of high quality plastic and hinges of aluminium they make a...

    Scout - Replacement lenses for Wolt aviator sunglasses


    Our replacement lenses for sunglasses - Scout We have created a lens that make sense - our lenses are qualitative, convenient, flexible and versatile. With our unique lens-changing mechanism you are able to easily replace your lenses whenever you want,...

    Rover - Replacement lenses for Wolt wayfarer sunglasses


    Our interchangeable lenses for sunglasses - Rover  Our replacement lenses come in 7 different colors, grey (which is included with every frame), yellow mirror, silver mirror, blue mirror, pink mirror,...

    Looper - Replacement lenses for Wolt round sunglasses


    Our replacement lenses for sunglasses - Looper Our interchangeable lenses have a 4-in-1 function which includes polarization, UV blockage, ad-blockage and anti-blue light. We have designed the lenses to be flexible, convenient,...

    Black sunglasses for men 

    As an alternative to our Eclipse series, we have also made other series with items in a more affordable price, but still not compromising the quality. One of those series is our Division series which is based on the classic Wayfarer sunglasses, but with a pop of colors. We made these men's sunglasses with a face of high quality plastic and temples of aluminum in order to make them a great and more affordable alternative to the Eclipse series for all of you who enjoy to change between sunglasses in different colors regularly.  

    All of the sunglasses in our Division series are polarized and come with a pouch and a polishing cloth so you are always able to get the best view through your sunglass. These men's sunglasses have a polarized lens which means that they eliminate glare. This will give you a clear view even when it is sunny outside. The difference between polarized and non polarized sunglasses is that polarized sunglasses hinder shimmer and sparkle that can occur around water, snow or highways for an example. Furthermore, a polarized lens also filters out ambient light and eliminate bright reflected light. So, if you are shopping for a pair of sunglasses and you need them to allow you to have a clear view through them, you have found the right brand. With our prices it is also possible to be shopping for multiple pairs in different colors if you like to change between them regularly. View our selection of colors and change your old pair of sunglasses to a new and fresh pair of classic Wayfarers.  

    Our acetate Wayfarer sunglasses 

    Our Division series include three pairs of black sunglasses with lenses in different colors, and one pair that are transparent. Soho are our sunglasses with a transparent frame and silver lenses. These sunglasses will make you stand out in any crowd, as well as compliment any outfit. Try out our Soho sunglasses and get a clear view of the world and make a fashion statement at the same time.  

    Noord are our men's sunglasses with a black and gun metal frame and blue lenses. These sunglasses will not only make you look cool, but you will always have blue skies as your view. They are a perfect way to jazz up a boring outfit with a pop of color.  

    We created Monti for all of you who love to spice up your otherwise neutral outfits with a fun and colorful pair of sunglasses. We created them to make you stand out in a crowd and to spread happiness. Our Monti sunglasses have a black frame and pink lenses. Explore the world through a fun lens. 

    A must have in every series is a classic, and our choice of that is our men’s black glasses, which we chose to name Yanaka. The sunglasses have a black frame and grey lenses and will surely give you a classic and cool look. If you are into fashion, these shades are a great choice as they will go with all of your outfits. Men's dark sunglasses are always a safe choice and you can be certain that you will get a lot of use out of them.  

    Mens black shades  

    Every man needs a pair of classic black sunglasses, and what is more classic than the Wayfarers? This classic shape has been around since the 50’s and are still a stylish choice. The Wayfarers will suit any face shape and therefore are they a very safe choice. Explore our different colors and our brand when shopping for a new pair of Wayfarers. There are many sunglass brands that offer their version of the Wayfarers, but we believe that our great focus on quality, details and functionalities is what differentiates us from other brands. The polarized lenses in our sunglasses will contribute to giving you a clear view of the world through your new shades.  

    Cat eye sunglasses 

    Babylon is one of the lines we have created with more affordable sunglasses. However, the quality control is still the same throughout the whole manufacturing process. Our Babylon series are based on women's cateye sunglasses but we made them oversized and with a splash of color. Cat eye sunglasses give you a retro look but are still very modern at the same time. The elegant upwards edges accentuate your facial features, such as your cheek bones. This type of model of sunglasses is flattering for every face shape and with the gently upswept edges of our Babylon sunglasses you achieve a classic but modern look. These sunglasses are made of high quality plastic and temples of aluminum.  

    Colors that will match your style 

    Our Babylon series include five different colors to choose from which are all inspired by different places in the world. We were inspired by the warm tones the sunsets of the Mediterranean Sea create, and therefore created an all red pair of sunglasses. We made both the frames and the lenses the same shade of red and we named this color Magnolia. Lotus are our cat eye sunglasses with a white frame and grey lenses. This pair was inspired by Oslo and its clean architecture and interesting shapes. Oslo is a place where design and fashion meet and create harmony, a feeling we wanted to replicate and therefore created Lotus. Another thing we found inspirational and wanted to replicate in the form of a pair of cat eye sunglasses is when an outdoor and on the go lifestyle meets wooden and rustic tones, and that is how we came up with the color Jasmine. These cat eye sunglasses have both a brown frame and lens, and they will look fantastic with any type of jewelry and outfit. We were also inspired by the festival season, and we wanted to create a pair of sunglasses that will match the vibe that is present at festivals. That is how we came up with Iris, our cat eye sunglasses with a black frame and silver lenses. These black cat sunglasses were created with the thought of being the type of sunglasses that get passed around the friend group for taking cool shots for Instagram. These sunglasses are fashionable, and they are one of those accessories that will make you stand out in a crowd. Of course we had to include a classic in this series as well. Dahlia is one of those accessories you just have to have in your collection, they have a black frame and grey lenses, which makes them an item that will never go out of style. All of the items in our Babylon series are cat eye polarized sunglasses. 

    Cat eye sunglasses - a classic 

    The iconic cat eye sunglasses were created in the 1930's and they were made as a response to all the dull choices of eyewear for women that were available at the time. Since then, this item has remained a classic and there are few items that have been seen as stylish during such a long period of time as cat eye sunglasses. There are many brands that make this lens type and in a similar size as us, but we are certain that we differentiate us from those brands by being a brand that focuses greatly on creating eyewear with high quality and having a thought behind all of our items. 

    Wayfarer sunglasses

    The most recognizable sunglasses design today, and probably throughout history of eyewear, is the classic wayfarer model. Even though the design has been through some over time, the original design lives strong, and will probably always be somewhat similar to what it once was. When they first were introduced to the masses they were considered to be revolutionary as they didn't look anything like sunglasses that had been offered before that. The characteristic design can be described to have a thick upper rim that leads to what is called wings, and has become a must-have accessory in must people's collection. The designer frames are found in next to all sizes, shapes and colors and materials such as acetate, titanium, aluminium or carbon fiber. Even though they are considered to historically be sunglasses for men, many women consider them as go-to sunglasses because of their shape and details that characterize them.

    Men's and women's sunglasses on and off camera 

    They grew rapidly in popularity when they appeared in the lime light by being worn by figures such as John F Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn in the 1960s, disappeared in the 1970s and then made a huge impact again in the 1980s, when they started to appear in movies that made them more popular than they ever were before.

    Hollywood celebrities have been an important help to make wayfarers become the fashion products they are today, with stars such as James Dean, Tom Cruise, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe as front figures in both blockbuster movies and off camera. The style quickly became something that everybody wanted and the frame became more popular than it ever had been before. People from all classes, from business people to artists, all wanted to have a piece of the trend that seemed to always survive the market and fashion changes.

    Wayfarer sunglass designs of today

    More modern brands have taken the wayfarer glasses and played with the design, adding new materials and functions to the frames. Brands such as Zerpico has made their name with crowdfunding campaigns by using exotic materials such as redwood and carbon fiber, giving men and women around the world variations that stands out from your traditional pair of wayfarer sunglasses.

    Because of the changes that the sunglasses model have been through over the years, there are designs today that will fit everyone's face. The price and shape may vary some but the design of wayfarer sunglasses cant't be denied.

    They are here to stay.


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